Is it possible to split or shrink ZeXtras Backup's datastore?

No: ZeXtras Backup's datastore is made to be ever-consistent, and by design it's not possible to split it as this would break metadata consistency.
In case your backup storage is starting to fit tight for your needs possible solutions are:
  • Move the backup path to a larger storage device (LVM should be considered for fast-growing environments).
  • Lower the 'Data Retention Policy' so that deleted items will be purged sooner from the backup, but the amount of space freed up highly depends on your users' usage habits so it might not be relevant.
  • Initialize a brand new Backup Path moving the old one to a different storage device. In this case you'd need to stop the RealTime Scanner and set the backup path to the old one each time you wish to perform an Undelete Restore or a Restore on New Account operation on the data in the old backup path.


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