My license is expired, what should I do to keep using ZeXtras Suite?

You can add more time, mailboxes and modules to your license at any time by using the "Upgrade License" feature in the ZeXtras Store by logging in and selecting the "Upgrade License" option in the "My Account" section: you'll just need to enter the new end date, number of mailboxes and/or module options and proceed as a normal purchase.

Once the payment has been processed you can download the upgraded license by clicking "Download License" in the very same page.

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    tayyab saeed

    Hello Cine,
    My purchased license will be expire today and i already started my renewal process on Friday, have you any option to provide us grace period till receiving new license.
    Tayyab Saeed

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    tayyab saeed

    I just received license file but i want to know for future.

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